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Hybrid force shielder guide
Hybrid force shielder guide

Hybrid force shielder guide

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Oct 7, 2009 - This guide will focus on the Force Shielder class, a member under hybrid faction. Cabal Intro: The invention of "Crystal" has created another

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5. Combos 6. Gear 7. Stats 8. Battle Modes 9. 1v1 Class Tactics 10. Legality? === sFS - Sword Force Shielder; mFS - Magic Force Shielder; Hybrid - Hybrid Hybrid Force Blader Guide by Demosai. Force Blader is Hybrid Class in Cabal Online who puts its priority on both .. Versus Force Shielder: Oct 20, 2008 - For your stats: Always follow your "Growth" (press "C" then look if you want to be a Magic Force Shielder, Sword Force Shielder, or Hybrid Force Shielder. Earth Divide and Shield Ray for the Sword Force Shielders.

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Oct 26, 2008 - From StrategyWiki, the video game walkthrough and strategy guide wiki Force Shielders use a combination of magical sword and shield skills. Magic Force Shielders, Sword Force Shielders, and Hybrid Force Shielders.(3 replies); hybrid FS (2 replies); How's dungeon runs with SFS nowadays? (41 replies); force (85 replies); Force Shielder Skill Build and Stats Guide. (1 reply) Now when you make a Force Shielder, you have to decide, later on, if you want to be a Magic Force Shielder, Sword Force Shielder, or Hybrid Force Shielder. Sword Force Shielder Rest to STR INT: 230. DEX: 250. Magic Force Shielder STR: 285. Rest to INT DEX: 235. Hybrid Type Force Shielder For Force Shielders, what type of build do you prefer for your character? T_T. nag hybrid n rin ako..haha Hybrid Force Shielder major in Magic ahaha. pinag Mar 27, 2008 - Introduction for Force Shielder Three types of Force Shielder. Magic Force Shielder (MFS) Sword Force Shielder (SFS) Hybrid Force Shielder

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